Elestrals: Base Set Centaurbor Starter Deck - 1st Edition

Elestrals: Base Set Centaurbor Starter Deck - 1st Edition

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The Centaurbor Starter Deck is a great foundation for Earth Casters with only 99 Centaurbor Starter Decks containing a serialized Stellar Rare Centaurbor!

Delve into the heart of the Foloi Forest, where dryads hold court for Demeter, Queen of the Harvest. Only the bravest and most cunning can discover the mystic potential of the Centaurbor Starter Deck! With Tectaurus, Satymber and Equilynx as your guides, none can stand before your rock-solid resolve.

Will the Scythe of Demeter carve your path of conquest?

Each Starter Deck contains:

  • 60 cards including 1 holographic card
  • 1 Earth D20 spindown die
  • 1 How-to-play guide
  • 1 Cheat sheet

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