Magic The Gathering: Dominaria United Draft Booster

Magic The Gathering: Dominaria United Draft Booster

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As we return to Magic's original plane of Dominaria, there are whispers on the wind. Some of the many familiar and, dare I say, legendary heroes of Dominaria are banding together in a new coalition to fight the Phyrexians once again, but they must do so carefully. With the Phyrexians creating sleeper agents everywhere, who knows who is friend or foe?

In Dominaria United, releasing September 9, there are so many ways for you to open up all the different legends who are defending—or invading—this beloved and historic plane, and even some ways to open up actual Legends cards from Magic's past.

  • 36 Dominaria United MTG Draft Boosters + 1 foil Box Topper card
  • Best boosters for drafting Dominaria United
  • 15 Magic cards per booster
  • 1 Legendary Creature in every pack
  • 1 Traditional Foil card in 33% of packs
  • Return to Magic’s home plane in a set full of your favorite MTG legends and heroes

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