MetaZoo: NightFall Bundle 1st edition (Pre-order)

MetaZoo: NightFall Bundle 1st edition (Pre-order)

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This listing is a pre-order. The expected ship date will be a few days before release (May change due to shipping delays)


Each Nightfall 1st Edition Bundle will include


4 x Booster Boxes 

4 x Blister Packs 

2 x Spellbooks 

1 x Set of 5 Theme Decks 

4 x Release Boxes

Nightfall Booster Box 

Perfect for collectors and those who love the thrill of finding that one card they were searching for! Contains 36 booster packs!

Nightfall Spell Book

For those who want the tools to start their MetaZoo experience. Contains 10 booster packs, 60 card sleeves, token kit, special metal coin, holographic promo card.

Nightfall Blister Pack

Add to your MetaZoo collection with blister packs! Each containing one booster pack and a metal coin!

Tribal Theme Deck

Want to get battling right away? For the most competitive of us, five unique tribal theme deck cases are available with pre-made decks. Learn to play and get a head start on the competition!

Nightfall Release Box

Celebrate Nightfall release with a release box! Containing all new cards, each box has one of five preconstructed decks (randomly seeded), three booster packs, one sealed promo card, and a rulebook!


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