Pokemon Kids Project Mew Ver. Random Figurine

Pokemon Kids Project Mew Ver. Random Figurine

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It is Pokemon Kids that mainly recorded the Pokemon that appears in the TV anime Pokemon.

This bullet contains a large number of new Pokemon from the Galar region such as Smartphone Rotom and Galar Yadon, as well as Pokemon from other regions, centered on the phantom Pokemon Mew.

Line up:
1. Mew
2. Lucario
3. Smartphone Rotom
4. Slowpoke
5. Slowbro (Galal's figure)
6. Ampharos
7. Pachirisu
8. Wochilldon
9. Patch Redon
10. Oronge
11. Spiritomb (Clear ver.)
12. Infernape
13. Cash register electric
14. Regi Drago
15. Giratina

When purchasing, you will receive a random Character. 

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