Ultimate Guard Flexxfolio 4-pocket (160)
Ultimate Guard Flexxfolio 4-pocket (160)

Ultimate Guard Flexxfolio 4-pocket (160)

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  • Side-Loading Pockets for Easy Access: The Ultimate Guard Flexxfolio is ingeniously designed with side-loading pockets, offering an incredibly convenient way to access your cards. No more struggling to slide cards in from the top; simply insert and remove them from the side with ease. This user-friendly feature ensures that your cards remain easily accessible, whether you're organizing your collection or preparing for gameplay.
  • Holds 160 Cards in Sleeves: The Ultimate Guard Flexxfolio is a versatile card storage solution designed to accommodate up to 160 cards in sleeves. Whether you're a trading card game enthusiast, collector, or deck builder, this folio offers ample space to keep your prized cards protected and organized. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple boxes or binders; the Flexxfolio has you covered.
  • With 20 Integrated 4-Pocket Pages: Flexxfolio is equipped with 20 integrated 4-pocket pages, providing a convenient and efficient way to store your cards. Each page allows you to display and access, making it perfect for showcasing your collection, building decks, or quickly finding the cards you need during gameplay. The integrated design ensures that your cards are securely held in place, preventing them from slipping out or getting damaged.

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