Grand Archive TCG: Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck Qty 1

Grand Archive TCG: Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck Qty 1

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Discover a brand new TCG!

Starter Deck

  • Each Starter Deck contains a preconstructed 60-card main deck and 12-card material deck.
  • Starter Decks have a chance at a randomly inserted CSR card
  • There are three decks available: Lorraine, Rai and Silvie

Starter Deck Display

  • Assassin Class Starter Pack contains three predetermined Assassin cards unique to this product.
  • Starter Deck Display contains 9 Starter Decks: 3 each of Lorraine, Rai and Silvie Starter Decks.
  • Also includes 3 Assassin Class Starter Packs.

Full Alter Edition Art Changes and list.

Alter Edition CRs

In Alter Edition, Collector Ultra Rares will be replaced with Collector Super Rares (CSRs) of the four lineage break champions in the booster box and the starter deck exclusive champion cards in the starter decks. CSRs will have the same treatment and finish as CURs but will not have unique signatures or serial numbers. Pull rates will be approximately 1 in 30 boxes and 1 in 72 starter decks for Alter Edition.

All products are shipped within 3 business days barring any delays from distributors.

All pre-orders will be shipped out once all products in the order has arrived.

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