Union Arena: Demon Slayer Vol. 2 Booster Box (Japanese)

Union Arena: Demon Slayer Vol. 2 Booster Box (Japanese)

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 Cards are in Japanese

The characters from "Swordsmith Village Arc" are included in the new color "blue".
Pay attention not only to new color decks, but also expansion cards that strengthen existing attribute colors!

Each booster pack contains 8 cards.
The 4 types of Rarity includes [Common (C)], [Uncommon (U)],
[Rare (R)] and [Super Rare (SR)].
There are 100 types of playable cards and 6 types of extremely rare AP cards,
sealed randomly into each booster packs.
Additionally, this product contains 28 types of Parallel Rare Cards!
There are also cards specially illustrated just for this product!
Take your enjoyment for UNION ARENA to the next level by strengthening
your deck from your favorite series!

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